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DIY Deep Conditioner

Mo Norfleet

Hey there!

Every curly girl can relate to the issue of lack of moisture! Whether you live in a dry climate or can’t find the exact right combo of products we all know what it’s like to have thirsty curls. 

Personally I’ve been loving my deep conditioning cocktails and my curls definitely do too! This is totally customizable. You can add or take away ingredients, mix in store bought items, and best of all experiment to learn your hair. 

Keep reading for the recipe and benefits of each ingredient. 

1 avocado

-promotes moisture, strength, soothes the scalp

1/2 cup full fat plain Greek yogurt

-dandruff control, naturally cleanses scalp, protein

1 tbsp honey

-adds shine, prevents shedding, prevents shedding

3 tbsp Almond Oil

-softens, prevents flaking in the scalp

3 tbsp Castor Oil

-repairs split and frayed ends, helps thicken hair

That is the base recipe. If you need protein add a rice water rinse under the mask or 2 tbsp of liquid aminos acid. Adding a banana is great for shine and moisture as well. You can swap out the oils for your favorite or add more. Add essential oils for treatment or scent. Also you can switch the yogurt for your favorite hair mask. My go to mask is the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask. I’ve been using it weekly for almost 1 year and my hair absolutely loves it. 

Bonus tip *warm your oil and apply under your hair mask as a hot oil treatment*

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